Monday, 23 August 2010

School Style?

A wise woman once told me, that school is not a fashion show. My reply, was of course a  mocking laugh and thoughts of going to school looking anything but my best - not nice at all!

Now, reading this a person could get the impression that I am young naive and care way too much about my appearance. To the people who think this - YOU ARE TOTALLY CORRECT! The fact of the matter is, the second most important rule of going to school (the first being an education) is to socialise, make friends and show off whatever new piece of clothing you got at the weekend, whether it be a gorgeous Topshop necklace or a nice new bag from River Island. As teenagers, we go through life believing that everyone is judging us and creating opinions based on what they see, we respond to this irrational paranoia by dressing to what we think will impress.

However, in the eyes of our peers, there will always be something wrong with our outfit, hair or even the way we walk! Every clique in the playground, has a different outlook on what should and should not be worn to school, whether hair should be curly or straight and if the right choice is sitting or standing to eat our lunches.

I have recently realised that everyone's opinion and outlook has a place in society - and the playground! Us teenagers, just have to learn not to paste our opinions all over our faces and let them roll off our tongues until we have seen the situation (or outfit) from the supposed "wrong doers" point of view.

So, yes school is a fashion show! Lets just think of it as the most avant garde of them all...


  1. Dressing to school is as important as going to a job interview. My view is that you dress appropriately to the situation but that doesn't just mean school uniform or a business suit. We create first impressions constantly and at every opportunity we should show people how fabulous we are because at every opportunity people will want to find fault and put us down.

  2. That is verrrry true! Our appearance, is the way we say "hello" without actually speaking, it is a voice that speaks out for all eyes to see :)


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