Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I've got myself a new found love for the 1960's after rifling through loads of old family photos. The ones that I love the most are of my Gran in the 60's wearing micro-mini dresses and big bouffant hair. I'm loving looking at later photos and watching how she transformed over the years - changing from 60s sweetheart to 70s Mum, whilst keeping her style and infallible grace, raising two children.

Photos from top;

American Vogue Magazine Cover 1962
Big Round Sunglasses a 60s Staple
60s High Fashion Space Age Trend
Twiggy Fashion Icon
Andy Warhol and his muse Nico
Jimi Hendrix Music Ledgend
A Festival Crowd of the 60s


  1. Lovely post.

  2. 60's are my thing too!!! great post..im following now..

  3. Fabulous photo picks, am a big fan of anything from this era (and other era's) there were some fantastic talent back then!! Thanks for visiting my blog and I appreciate your comment too, I think there are people who exercise for the wrong reasons. I love my food too much to stop, but taking care of myself is important as well! I hope you have a great weekend. Am following you now..hope you'll follow me back :) x


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